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Massage as a Present
on any occasion - for your loved ones, family, friends or colleagues
easily presentable by this greeting card:

Dear ...
Chèr/e ...

This is a present for ... minutes of massage with
Ceci est un cadeau pour ... minutes de massage avec

Keita Onozaki
0033 (0)6 86 81 61 90
because you deserve it! 
parce que vous le méritez! 

With my very best wishes, 
Avec mes meilleurs vœux,                         . . .  . . .  . . .

  choose your package, for ex. 100 minutes of massage - 95 euros, send us a cheque 
and we post the card to you or to your recipient directly

Keita Onozaki - 0033 (0)6 86 81 61 90

Below you see the view from our window of Villa les Lotus, the studio where we welcome you for massage sessions in Nice - Port/Mont Boron. 

And the Cabanon "Mas Sage", nestled in an Olive Grove in the provencal hills of Bargemon in the Var, 
where we often reside and massage as well...

Then, bringing all our equipment (Japanese futon mat etc) - we're happy to deliver massage to your place of choice.

the view from our window