Massage is for Everybody
The samples below of Bodyworkshops Keita and Eli have done before are to give a little glimps. 
Much more is possible. By now Keita is travelling widely with his massage.
In addition to his "one on one" healing sessions (the regular massages) Keita does private classes for two ore more people, as well as workshops to share his approach and technique with a larger group. Organization of such events is possible at your home or center at most times. 
You simply get in touch via phone, e-mail or messenger... click on the yellow to contact

massage zen

Keita started Meditation and Massage in 2006,

on his journey from Japan over South East Asia, India  

and the Himalayas to Europe.

He found Peace in this Inner Silence and realized 

how important it is for body and mind to be relaxed, 

so we can understand what the Spirit tells.

Massage has become his path of sharing the "Art of Well-Being" 

with people from around the world.

Pair Yoga - the traditional Thai stretching techniques - and the deep push of Zen Shiatsu touch the root of your concern.

“It is the person who heals, we are there to stimulate and support the process. Attitude is what matters first and most.”

The Body Workshop
Leg and Back Massage

10am - 3pm 
(1hour break from noon)

Riviera Yoga 
5 rue Martin Seytour, 06300 NICE

Contact and Reservation: or 06 86 81 61 90 
reserve your spot - 8 places total!

Yoga keeps you maintained - 
Massage lets you maintain the ones you love also

The Body Workshop
Head, Neck and Shoulder

10am - 3pm 
(1hour break from noon)

Peace Yoga Nice
8 Boulevard Carnot 06300 Nice

Contact and Reservation: or 06 86 81 61 90
reserve your spot - 12 places total

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