Welcome to our atelier where we create items for well being and joy. 
Everything is handmade and from selected materials and ingredients, with care for fairness, nature and health.

❂ lavender bags

filled with organic provencal lavender 
fabric: 100% cotton
decor on picture: INDIENNES Valdrôme ®
size about: 5cm x 7cm or 8 x 8cm

❂ lavender eye mask - handmade

beautiful japanese fabric covers (washable)
on eyepillows filled with organic lavender & spelt or azuki beans
for relaxing your eyes - 
perfect to rest, fall asleep, during a massage or the Shavasana at the end of your Yoga session!
size: 8cm x 20cm

❂ my hashi - eco chopsticks

for lovers of asian and street food
portable, re-usable bamboo chopsticks 
in cloth cover, easily fits into your handbag

    18 €

❂ per order:

stylish and super practical roomy handbags from african or jamaican fabric

                                        145 €

    ➢ contact to order or have more info - all items will be posted to you, delivery costs vary according to weight and destination

Elisabeth Onozaki - - 0033(0)645734082