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            Keita Onozaki

Traditional Thai Massage - What Poh - Bangkok, 2006 & 2007
Keiraku-Shiatsu (Zen Shiatsu) - Tokyo, 2008
Thai Reflexology - Salon Poh Ism, Okinawa - Japan, 2009 - 2011
Yoga & Qi Gong - Mas Kailash, Provence - France, 2011 to this day

Massage Zen combines the heart of Japanese Shiatsu, 
Traditional Thai Massage and Meditation.

Shiatsu are deep pushes, natural weight applied along the bodies various energy lines and points - mostly by the hands and thumbs. Thai Massage adds liberating stretches also called "Pair Yoga". Meditation and deep breathing, that eventually synchronize between the masseur and the treated, bring the effect of deep relaxation and healing.
The combination of these elements in the treatment leads to a vital flow of energy, freeing space in the body and allowing the release of pain. Healing on a profound level can take place, even long after the massage has been completed.

We work on the ground, on a Japanese Futon Mat (thick cotton mattress), wearing light clothes, as if for Yoga. One session lasts at least 70 min, better 100 min. or even longer. That gives us enough time to treat the entire body from different positions like lying on the back, the belly, the side or sitting up.

Whether you have a specific issue or just want to give yourself something good - massage is always beneficial.
We just love taking it as well as sharing this wonderful culture of healthy living with others! 

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